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With over thirty-five years experience, Vertical Aeronautics International has been involved in the establishment and upgrading of all types of helicopter landing facilities within the United States and abroad. Our experience includes both elevated and surface heliports/helistops. We also have extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of new construction and the retrofit of existing structures to accommodate a heliport/helistop. As aviation specialists, Vertical Aeronautics International’s projects have involved a variety of heliport/helistop surfaces; including aluminum, concrete, asphalt and turf. Using our knowledge of weather, helicopters and environmental issues; our ability to design proper flight paths is unparalleled.

The thrust of Vertical Aeronautics International is to ensure a safe, functional and complying heliport/helistop, which is pilot, helicopter, facility and neighbor friendly. Vertical Aeronautics International’s projects have encompassed all types of urban and rural environments. A sampling of industries served by Vertical Aeronautics International, includes medical, law enforcement, utility companies, news media, corporate, etc. In addition to safety, function ability and compliance, Vertical Aeronautics International takes pride in our ability to incorporate security, helicopter parking, vehicle parking, fuel, hangar and/or a terminal.

Vertical Aeronautics International’s involvement also includes site selection, flight path design, coordinating acoustical evaluations and regulatory processing at all levels of government and within all jurisdictions. Vertical Aeronautics International also provides representation at public hearings and community meetings. As a team member, Vertical Aeronautics International works closely with the project architects, engineers, contractors, government officials and aviation people to ensure the safest, complying, efficient and most functional heliport results. Vertical Aeronautics International interact closely with involved personnel to ensure the required and desired heliport amenities are suitably selected, properly positioned and operate efficiently.

Vertical Aeronautics International is not a manufacturer of aluminum helidecks, heliport/helistop lighting fixtures, fire suppression equipment or other heliport/helistop related items. This enables Vertical Aeronautics International to specify and incorporate the most efficient and cost effective heliport/helistop amenities into the heliport/helistop design and your facility. Our loyalty is to our client and not others including our pocketbook.

In addition to the establishment of heliports/helistops, Vertical Aeronautics International has introduced our “HITS’ Program [Heliport Inspection and Training Services]. This affords individuals, corporations, facilities managers, risk managers, insurance underwriters, etc, the comfort of knowing the subject heliport/helistop remains safe and in compliance with all governing regulations. Vertical Aeronautics International’s HITS Program insures that heliport safety is not compromised by changes to the surrounding area, the dimensional criteria permits the helicopter in use and all entitlements remain in full force and effect. Vertical Aeronautics International also assists in the preparation of heliport/helistop procedural manuals defining the safe method in which to approach or depart a helicopter and/or heliport/helistop. This program also includes the on-site training of support personnel..

With over thirty-five years experience in the establishment of safe, functional and complying heliports/helistops, Mr. Ambers, President, Vertical Aeronautics International is available to appear as an expert witness in all heliport/helistop related cases. Additionally, Mr. Ambers is extremely knowledgeable with the design and requirements of non-licenced helistops, often referred to as an “EEF” [Emergency Evacuation Facilities]. Mr. Ambers has authored the first sample ordinance, which is copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress. This generic ordinance ensures that high-rise structures provide an EEF to allow persons within the building during a terrorist attack, fire or explosion, have more than one-way out of that jeopardized building. It also allows responders to enter that compromised building from the ground as well as the roof. Furthermore, Vertical Aeronautics International is familiar with evaluating a “LZ“ [Landing Zone] where helicopters land away from a licenced heliport/helistop during emergency situations.

We at Vertical Aeronautics International stand ready to assist with all heliport/helistop needs. Our corporate motto is “ We want to sleep well all night”. We are steadfast in the project’s safety and will not consider any compromises. If anything, we will over-design the facility. For further information, please contact Vertical Aeronautics International by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Thank you and please have a nice day.